Best travel gear for kids

Alright! You’re ready to travel with kids more. Don’t panic. Family travel is amazing!

One of your biggest concerns may be what are the best kids travel items and how to keep your kids safe and happy when traveling.

We know what is the best travel gear for kids to make your life, and theirs, easier and happier.

Here are some items to consider bringing along before heading off on your next family adventure:

Best Travel Car Seats

If we are visiting Asia, we don’t worry about taking a car or booster seat. Most of the time the vehicles there don’t even have seat belts!!!

It really did make traveling in Thailand difficult when Savannah was 17 months, she’s just wanted to roam around the car and was hard to keep her restrained.

Inflatable Booster Seat

The bubble gum booster seat comes recommended as the best baby seat for travel. I think we’ll travel with one of these from now on – easy to chuck in your bag! I wish I knew about them before writing this post. It’s a fantastic car travel accessories for kids.

A Super-fun Suitcase

Rather than hauling child, child’s baggage and your own suitcase through the airport, take a load off with the ride-on suitcase. It will compel your child to inadvertently help you – and encourage them to take responsibility for packing their own belongings. The four-wheeler comes in fun designs, including the new cute case. It has a comfy saddle, grips for stability, a carry handle, lockable catches and supports a ride-on weight of 50 kilograms.

A Car Seat Neck Pillow Kids

Don’t let the sleep slump ruin car seat safety for your kids. It looks so uncomfortable. And there are safety issues too. Car seat neck pillow kids is designed for you to ensure your kids has the proper support he or she needs while sleeping. When our cute little kids sleep its important their heads and necks are supported to enable easier breathing and a more comfortable rest. Grant yourself peace of mind knowing your kids are resting and breathing comfortably with this must have Car Seat Neck Pillow Kids.

A Travel Snug

The Travel Snug has proven its worth time and time again for us, especially for late flights and long haul, says Carrie from Flying With A Baby. They are fleece padded cushions which sit on an airplane seat and provide a comfortable cushion around the armrest. The curved bit at the top, also provides somewhere for small heads to rest. They are a bit bulky to carry around, but we are always glad we packed them once we have them on-board.